Bombyx Mori, 2017

Site-specific installation Materials: natural fibres, textiles, recycled materials and photographs.

The installation- based on sculptures as well as a photographs from the performances at the city. Sculptural shapes come from butterfly's larvae and cocoon. During that time I was interested how to butterfly's make the web and silk, that´s why I was using a lot textiles and ropes in my works.

Sculptures has a textile carrying handles because I was carry some of them with my in the city's events. Idea of this process was to make happy moments for the people in the city. It was nice to notice how sculptures was working as a medium of communication in two different cultures. 

In the exhibition place has also some other works what I have been doing during at the artist residency time in Tomi City.
All the arts works are dealing the same idea, where I using memories and moments on my works as a butterfly's flight.

Exhibit at TENKU ART FESTIFAL 2017
Y-Air Residency Tomi City Nagano, Japan.
Residency scholarship, including two months stay in residencies in Tomi City and Tokyo, Japan working inglueted artist talks, open studios and artist work for  exhibitition.

Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Embassy of Finland in Japan.