Tuija Teiska has gained recognition for her inventive textile sculptural works and sculpture installations that mines the darker thoughts, emotioins of woman society to sex, human nature as death and love. Her drawing from memory, nostalgia, art history, and popular culture.                                                                                                                                      Teiska's works are autofictional which originate from a personal emotional reaction, but during the artistic process her works acquire a meaning and a story that deals with the lives of several women. The works have a female perspective and often the central character of the works is a woman. She is the new age young feminist artist who represent of women´s life and rights today.

Teiska’s art works included textile art, object collages, drawings, sculptures and performances. She is employing a variety of media, the artist merges sculptural processes, traditional ink drawings and new technologies as video and photo documentation from her own body, performances to transform commonplace objects and materials into evocative sculptures and installations that give new, redemptive form. 

                                                      Tuija was born in 1985 in Kajaani, Finland, a northern small city, and left for Imatra to the study art in 2001 a town on the Finland- Russian border, and received a BA in visual arts in 2009. She moved to Helsinki in 2014, and received a MA in 2016 Academy of Fine Arts, the University of the Arts Helsinkim Finland.
Her first exhibitions since 2003 with the galleries, art museums and art markets.          From 2021 to 2023, a solo exhibition of the artist’s work, Tuija Teiska: 2022 Why genius people like me has to suffer so much Fabrikken, Copenhagen, DK, 2022 I feel like (love) Kajaani Art Museum, FI, 2022 Untiteled, Galleria Fikka, Porvoo, FI, 2021 Art Market Budapest International Art Fair / Galleria Myymälä 2, Budapest, HU.                                                  Teiska work has also been included in group exhibitions worldwide, such as the 2017 Museum in the Sky - Tenku Art Festival, Tōmi Cityn Nagano, JP, 2016 Recycling and Upcycling in Korea Bojagi Forum, Haenggungjae Gallery, Suwon, South -Korea, 2013 Sculpture Heute at the German- Finnish Institute in Berlin, DE, 2013 Supermarket-Stockholm, 2013 Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, SE, 2011 Wooden Bride at the Galerie Atelier Herenplaats in Rotterdam, NL, 2011

The artist’s work is held in public collections  including the Kajaani Art Museum art collection, Kiilto Family Oy Art collection, Saastamoinen Foundation Art collection/ EMMA Museum of Modern Art, The Finnish State Art Deposit Collection, Tampere Art Museum Collection, Joensuu Art Museum Collection, Aine Art Museum Collection, The Portrait of the President Sauli Niinistö, The Collection of The Prime Ministers Office Finland.





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